A to Z 2014 Reflections

 A-to-Z_Reflection_[2014][1]Where do I begin?

I had never heard of the A to Z Challenge before so this was my first attempt.

I got a lot out of it, but as anyone who followed me would know; I put a lot into it. To make it clear I’ll list in the same fashion I used for my posts. It’s a method that provides clarity. I said … it’s a method that provides clarity.

1. I enjoyed it, although at times it was hard work. I started by following the ‘suggested’ 5 blogs, but through interest I ended up following 20.

2. I got every post out on time on the correct day.

3. I prepared a few, but only towards the end.

4. I gained a few more followers. I started with a figure in the mid-20’s, and I now have 79. About 5 of those have appeared since the challenge ended.

 5. I’m now following about 15 more blogs than I was at the start of the challenge.

Where there any blogs I liked in particular?

Yes, there were several, and they are all mentioned with links in my ‘Z’ is for Zoom-in post: https://tombensoncreative.com/2014/04/27/z-is-for-zoom-in/

What could be improved for next year?

Not a lot, is my initial response, although I feel if we all advertised it on our individual blogs from about mid-March next year, it might increase figures. This would obviously require a much larger support network, and the new team members would have to be aware of how much pressure was on them.

One area that I found frustrating was the logging-in to make comments. Out of habit, I don’t just hit the ‘like’ button when I visit a site. I use WordPress, but when visiting ‘Blogger’ for instance, it was a task sometimes to get a comment accepted. That is nothing to do with the challenge itself, but it does tend to impact on how much time a person might spend trying to make their voice heard

What will I do differently next year?

I’ll get my topic ready and prepare several posts so that I’m ready to go from the outset.

I managed to get around all the back-up team to give a brief vote of thanks. In my ‘Z‘ post I named all of them with a link to their blogs, so it’s easy for anyone to find out who our organisers were.

I have the full list of my A to Z posts in a menu on my blog. My topic / theme was ‘writing’.

I look forward to next time. Now I must get back to my writing.

I’ll be seeing some of you regularly from now on I’m sure. My intention is to conduct two, or possibly three blog patrols per week.

15 thoughts on “A to Z 2014 Reflections

  1. Julia Lund

    I take my hat off to anyone who completed the challenge. I’m not at all surprised at how well you managed your time and commitments; from what I’ve learned about your through the blog-o-sphere, you are a man who does not give up and who, through structure and discipline, achieves high quality results. All the best as you settle down into your regular writing regime. I must take a leaf (or two) from your book.


    1. Thank you Julia for such generous comments. I’ll be putting my time management to the test from here on in, as I set about my two or three blog patrols every week – and rest assured, you are in there.
      Will be in touch soon.


    1. Thank you kind sir. I’ve no doubt we’ll be communicating again shortly. Keep those words flowing mate.


    1. Many thanks Lynne. The encouragement didn’t end with the challenge; I’ll be keeping a regular eyed on you. It was, and will I’m sure, continue to be a pleasure.


  2. I think it’s a WordPress-Blogger thing. Blogger users have to login to comment on yours, as well–in fact, I have to enter my email address, name, and website, and it takes you to an old WordPress blog of mine that I haven’t used in 10 years or something! That’s why I put my blog URL in my signature line–so you don’t have to deal with the tiny print on my WordPress blog. (I was younger then and apparently had better eyes!)



    1. Yes, you’re right Stephanie. I found a variety of sign-in systems. I suppose the only type that really bothered me was requesting that I used a specific social media to sign in. While I’m here, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your eyes … 😉


  3. I wish all the participants followed this format for their reflections posts– something I need to add in my suggestions for cohosts!

    You did so well, Tom, I wish a few more bloggers shone in the challenge the way you did! Hope to read your posts till next AZ, and already looking forward to your April posts next year!


  4. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for visiting and for recognizing those of us who try to keep this crazy train on the rails.
    What I noticed this year was that commenting was a lot more difficult everywhere. I’ve finally learned the ins and outs of WP, and now most sites will populate all those required fields, but some will not.
    I also encountered many new commenting systems which would only allow me to use another social media identity to leave a comment. That bothers me…but I digress.
    What I really want to say is WELCOME, and thanks for giving this endeavor your very best. We look forward to having you again next year. Meanwhile, happy blogging!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014


    1. I totally agree with you Tina. If we persevere we can work out most things regarding logging-in, but I don’t like being ‘invited’ to use a social media.


  5. Sounds like you got a good amount out of it, and that’s great. I agree about the comments portion — I gave up on many that require sign ups in order to comment, or commenting through Google or some such. I tried, but time is limited.
    Great reflection post. Best of luck.


  6. Arlee Bird

    Thank you for an insightful Reflections post. Commenting–ugh! For the most part I’ve mostly been able to crack the secret of commenting on most platforms, though it was a sometimes annoying journey getting there. I think probably the more you comment on the opposing platforms the easier it gets.

    Look forward to your return next year and helping to get the word out beforehand.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


    1. Thank you Lee. Yes, it was tedious at times, but hey, when something is worth doing is it ever easy? I’ve already made notes about how to deal with next year’s event, so my only issue now is personal – what do I use as a theme? I’ll make sure it’s interesting. Great work by you guys and genuinely appreciated.


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