A Taste of Honey – an overview

atasteofhoney(1)Have you ever read a book and thought you had a good idea for a scene?

Perhaps you’re not a writer, but you would like to suggest an idea.

Please read on.

The plot.

On 14th June 2003, Kimberley Forest, a NYPD police officer is awakened by the buzz of her cell phone. She reaches out from bed and sees that the caller is her teenage sister.

When the off-duty officer listens to the call, she hears only a conversation between two men.

In less than an hour, Kimberley is armed and driving 700 miles to the family home in Greensburg, Indiana.

Her life has been changed, and she is intent on changing a few others.


The project.

My intention is to write a novel under the aforementioned title, but it might be a novel with a difference. I have already started working on the main character’s bio, so we are getting better acquainted with every day that passes.

Chapter 1 is posted on this blog and I’m working on the first draft of the next two chapters. The opening passage is posted on my author website on the Projects page. The ‘intro’ will remain there for one month.

I would like comments and if they feel the urge, visitors may offer suggestions for scenarios that the character might be involved in at some point in the story.

I will post chapters here and mention it on my author website. From day one, there will be an open invitation for readers of this blog, my creative writer and artist site, or my author website to get in touch with ideas.

You don’t have to be a writer to put forward an idea, and you don’t have to ‘write’ the passage – simply send me an outline. Should any good suggestions be forthcoming, I will not be trying to work them immediately, but I will make every effort to get them in. As and when an idea is used I will credit the author.

I’d like to produce a completed novel at the end of the project, so it might take many months. When the story is complete I will remove the chapters for editing and rewriting. At such time as the manuscript is complete, I will be accrediting all who have taken part with a brief explanation to the reader in the preface about what we have accomplished together.

If you have any early comments on my idea or the process, please leave a comment here on my blog, on my creative writer and artist site, or on my author website.

Up to the first five chapters will be available to read in their first draft on this blog.


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey – an overview

  1. stevenparkinson

    Hi Tom,

    Steve “Spud” Parkinson from 4 Sqn, 22 Sigs, the TE Tech that was stationed with you on a couple of exercises, remember?

    Great idea about the book. I’m not sure if I can help with any ideas, however I would be honoured and thrilled if you could squeeze my daughters name in to the book, she is Spanish, Constance Parkinson Navarrete, born in Albox, Almeria. She is a “Barbie Princess type of girl. She could be the friend of the sister, she knew her when she was at the Apiary.

    From the name Taste of Honey, the plot could involve the corporate pharmaceutical companies trying to stop the release of a “herbal cure for cancer based on a special type of honey found in some baron part of the planet, maybe northern Iraq? The sister of the NYPD officer could be some scientist that just got back from Iraq and was about to publish the find. Her brief relationship with an ISIS jihadist she encountered in the mountains near the Apiaries whilst in Iraq would clearly not help matters and cloud the real reason why she was being kidnapped. She was too valuable to be killed. But she needed to be controlled and taken out of the USA back to Iraq where they would try and figure out how to benefit from her knowledge.

    If you take up the idea I would like to give you more character information about “Connie”.

    Good luck whatever you do.

    Kind Regards
    Steve “Spud” Parkinson
    07429 270 590


    1. Hi Steve, Great to hear from you, and that was my favourite posting with regards to performing my trade. Some of my memories will be played out by my fictional character in ‘A Life of Choice’, which I’m also working on at the moment. Why write one novel when you can be working on three?
      I digress. Connie is now pencilled in as the sister’s closest friend and she might even get a talking part.:)
      Unfortunately the kidnapping idea is a non-starter, but I can’t tell you why – you’ll see when Chapter 2 hits my blog in a couple of weeks.
      I’ve sent you an email with the detail I’ll need to make Connie come alive within the story. Thank you for taking an interest.


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