The Welcome … is launched


Yes, we have lift off … with a collection of stories which detail a variety of journeys.

The Welcome - 141215I’ve only dabbled in sci-fi in the past, but following a handful of kind comments, I had a need to feed.

I wanted to add a small collection of the genre to my catalogue. In an effort to improve on the idea of 12 short stories by me, I invited submissions from international guest authors, and I was not to be disappointed.


The collection contains six new stories from me, plus three ‘bonus’ tales which feature in other anthologies, but there are also great pieces from: AA Jankiewicz, Pam Kesterson, CI Lopez, Paul Ruddock, Val Tobin, and WK Tucker.


It’s great to have this anthology ‘launching’ within a few days of seeing British astronaut, Major Tim Peake, setting off to join the International Space Station. By the time the Soyuz rocket was lifting from Earth on its remarkable journey, my stories were already written, but I was delighted to hear small details from my theories being mentioned about the astronaut training and life in space.

I don’t believe you have to be heavily into Sci-Fi to enjoy this collection, but then you’d expect me to say that, wouldn’t you!


In this collection you will find regular people, strange people, astronauts, aliens, Earth, other planets, exploration and invasion.
The tales are made interesting by manipulating the situations in which the characters find themselves. Sometimes, all is not what it seems …
There is a high degree of ‘What if …?’ in the telling of these stories, which is where I believe the sci-fi aspect evolves effectively.

Does this mean I’ll go on at some stage to write a sci-fi novel?

Let’s just say, for the time being I’m not ruling it out. As I’ve done since I published my first eBook I will read any reviews or comments and make note of the positives, and any negatives.

Both positive and negative comments are important, and attention to what others say is where we as authors can improve our craft the most effectively. We write first for ourselves, and then for others, but when we publish – we are hoping to entertain, so we must respond to the feelings of our readership.


Metaphorically, The Welcome … has now left the launch pad and is on its own journey. As it passes among the stars and those stars take note of the vehicle and its contents, I would ask that anybody who takes a chance on it – please remember to check out the whole crew – because this wasn’t a single effort, but an international collaboration.


I sincerely hope all who take a chance on our tales feels rewarded for their choice.

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19 thoughts on “The Welcome … is launched

    1. Hello and thank you for such a compliment Paul, but of course you’ll be reading work from a handful of others too. The guest stories are all good. 🙂


    1. Hi Val. Thank you for your story which I really like, and thank you for the reblog, which I’m sure will be well received. I look forward to your thoughts on the collection. 🙂


  1. There are too many bipeds out there and I figured that life had to evolve into something that no longer depended on limbs. 😀


  2. ramonawray

    I seem to have missed a couple posts, Tom – sorry about that. Congratulations on this latest launch! You’re a machine, you are 🙂 If I could muster half of your discipline regarding writing I’d be a happy gal indeed. I’ll make time to read this, as sci-fi is a genre quite close to my heart. As are you, dear friend… Wishing you the very best of everything in the New Year!

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    1. Many thanks for the visit, and of course the kind comments Ramona. 🙂
      Please don’t worry about missing posts – we all have a life to lead.
      Best wishes for you and yours in the New Year. 🙂


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