Amsterdam Calling

Dan and Crystal meet by chance, in Amsterdam in the summer of 2013. Dan is 35, and a British journalist with reasons to take a break. Crystal is 30, and an American fashion designer, eager to trace her European ancestors.

There is a chemistry, which develops as they visit many places of interest in the wonderful city of Crystal’s heritage. She traces family heroes from the time of the Holocaust. It comes to light that she has at least one living relative still in the area.

During their first days together, the couple discovers that a British hit-man is hunting for Dan, and a neo-Nazi group is investigating Crystal, because of her connections to the Dutch Resistance.




11 thoughts on “Amsterdam Calling

    1. Hello Irene. I apologise for the delay in responding. No, it’s not completed yet. I’m aiming to publish in early June. You will be top of my list of people to tell about it.
      My thriller ‘Beyond The Law’ is now selling quite well, and sales of ’10 Days in Panama’ have picked up in the last couple of weeks.
      Take care my friend.


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