Native Americans (Part 1 of 4)

White Spirit is my name 

I’m now quite old and weak

Proud heritage I claim

and of it now I’ll speak


At ancestry look back

starting ’bout 1420

Some detail it might lack 

but information I have plenty


Back 500 years and more 

few native tribes used horses

By mountain, plains or shore 

we cared for our resources


Apache, Cherokee, Sioux 

Comanche, Mohawk, Pawnee

 Learning bloodline as you grew 

that’s how it had to be


Tribes were massive then 

across our country scattered

We’d trade or fight just when 

whichever one most mattered


Some lived on grassy plains 

and others lived near trees

Not as history maintains 

it wasn’t all tee-pees


By season tribes moved ’round

taking all their things

They covered so much ground 

as if they’d sprouted wings


Be it stormy summer nights 

or days of endless sun

Tribal nations had their rights 

which with our blood we won


With echoes in the glory

of a pink sunrise in morning

Tribe elders told in story

of the rain God’s early warning


Our communities were strong 

laws and customs were obeyed

If anyone did wrong

a penalty they paid


Where home once was for kin 

it matters still to me

In my brave’s heart deep within 

it’s where I long to be



This is a selection from Rhyme & Reason: 200 poems.

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