New Year of Writing

As mentioned before, I don’t normally do ‘resolutions’ but I felt that with the early stages of this blog underway it was a good time to set down some targets for the year of writing ahead.

* Maintain this blog even if reduced to two or three entries a week.

* Completely rework my autobiography by end of the year.

* Achieve three more short stories in anthologies by end of year.

* Be paid for an article / feature by June.

* Win £500 in prize money by August. 

* Investigate the publishing of my poetry (but not vanity publishing)

None of these are mind blowing strategies but it gives me something to come back to occasionally if I lack motivation.

4 thoughts on “New Year of Writing

  1. Chloe

    Wow Tom, if you achieve all of this (or even half of it) I will be dead impressed! I think “reducing” your blog to 2 or 3 entries a week is still quite a tall order for a whole year but I look forward to reading it.

    Happy New Year! God bless you (and the writing!) in 2011. C.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Well, you’ve certainly got some things to be getting on with. Good luck with all of this, and remember to be realistic too. It sounds like the Autobiography is your main task – how far along with this are you?

    Nari X


    1. Tom

      Hi Nari.
      I started writing the autobiography a few years ago and it was a bit half-baked. Althought I knew my subject, I had no real knowledge of ‘how’ to write. I got into writing properly about three years ago and now have a fair library of reference. I decided that when I felt I had a decent grasp of the task, that was when I would head back into my bio.

      The story is based on my military years only (’69 – ’92) and broken into two main sections, those being the ‘single’ years and the ‘married’ years. I’ve got 15 fully written chapters but they all need a lot of work… and now I think I’m equal to the challenge. One of my objectives is to inject as much humour into it as possible (hopefully as seen in my excerpts).

      Before I lose you my friend I’ll finish here. Thank you for taking an interest… and I’ll be checking you out tomorrow, after I’ve had a kip!


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