‘Love WRITING’ – reviewed.

Occasionally a book claims it will educate the reader in a particular area.         ‘Love WRITING’  by Sue Moorcroft delivers beyond what is suggested on the cover.

Apart from detailed guidance on the writing of romance and erotica, this book is packed with useful tips and advice for general fiction. 

It is comprehensive, entertaining and laced with humour throughout.  Sue and the other professionals who contributed have addressed many issues facing writers; from plot and characterisation to publishers and marketing. 

‘Love WRITING’ already stands among my favourite reference books and will be handy during the writing of my next short story.

2 thoughts on “‘Love WRITING’ – reviewed.

  1. Hi Tom,
    Love Writing is one of my favourites too. It’s slipped down the pile a little of late as I have been concentrating on the non-fiction side of things. But I feel a tale in the growing so probably time to pull it out again.


    1. Tom

      Thank you Paul. By the way… you might like to revisit the final sentence of your comment… read it aloud. LOL


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