10 Days in Panama – 1,100 + downloads so far

I revamped the story, redesigned the front cover and relaunched the book on Amazon / Kindle two weeks ago on a five-day FREE promotion.

So far there have been 100 downloads across the UK and 1000 downloads Worldwide. 

If you are one of those good people – I thank you!

The new look cover and title - being used on Amazon / Kindle
The new look cover and title – being used on Amazon / Kindle

I have two reviews within the front cover, which was part of the relaunch and I’ve already had a positive review from a new reader. That person will be posting their review on Amazon within the next day or two. Reviews, and in particular positive ones, are the lifeblood of a book and it’s author. I would be grateful if having taken the time to read my work, you could then write a short comment on the book’s Amazon page, either on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk 

My next novel is a thriller set in Glasgow and Western Scotland. I’ve completed the first draft and the rewriting is well underway. I’ll be happy to send an excerpt to any reader who reviews ’10 Days in Panama’

Minimum prices I can use are: £1.95 and equivlent U.S. $2.99

Link to ’10 Days in Panama’ on Amazon / Kindle: