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The novel ’10 Days in Panama’ had a good run as a giveaway when I first published it on Amazon just a couple of weeks ago so with each of my poetry books so far I’ve promoted them with a two-day Free promotion. An Anthology of Poetry - Volume 5 3rd

The fifth volume in the series, Thrills and Chills is now published with Amazon and is Free during 1st and 2nd May 2013. In this volume I’ve included a lot of topics that don’t really fit into the genre-based volumes. For example there are titles like: ‘Assassins’‘Cop Killer’, ‘Bastions’, ‘ Chasing the Moon’, ‘Big Game Hunter’, ‘Jack the Ripper’, ‘One of those Knights’ … .

I’m already putting together Volume 6 which will be the first book dedicated to serial poetry. These series are best imagined as novels broken down into a set of poems. In Volume 6 there will be ‘Honey’ a young private detective, ‘Hawk’ a vigilante and ‘Augustus’ a slave forced into combat in the Colliseum. When the book is completed I’ll be giving it a shout here and promoting it for Free on Amazon.

At present I’m also working on my next novel, ‘Hawk – A Manhunter’ about an ex-Special Forces soldier who returns to his native Glasgow and establishes himself as a vigilante. The city then becomes a place where the crooks are not safe. Not surprisingly this novel is based on what was a popular series on the Starlite Cafe poetry site.

As usual, I’ve got more than one short story on the go. Reformatting and preparing my ebooks to go from Smashwords to Amazon has taken up considerable time so I’m going to feel content to be back to storytelling.

I’ve updated my website so if you haven’t seen it recently why not click the link on the homepage here and check it out.

Download ‘Thrills and Chills’ for FREE here: