Give and Take – the idea

Any venture which involves a partnership requires ‘give and take’, and it was from this perspective that I chose to attempt one of my latest projects.

Regular visitors to this blog will be aware that I said, if my book, Coming Around and other erotic stories proved successful and received positive reviews, I’d consider writing an erotic novel.


Guess what?

Okay, so I haven’t made enough money from that title to retire to a little place in the country. Neither will I be swapping spit (or anything else) with a famous author who made a fortune from a badly-plotted erotic novel which appealed to so many people – but not to me.


How have I measured success for that particular experimental collection?

912FmvSHzYL._SL1500_1. It has been bought on a regular basis since publication.
2. It has been read by both male and female readers.
3. It has amassed a staggering seven reviews … but they are all 5*.
4. It has caused no less than four individuals to write to me asking if I’d ever consider writing an erotic novel.

That’s successful enough to give me the excuse.


What is Give and Take about?

Essentially, it is about a relationship, and I’ve chosen to focus on the weakest part of that relationship, which is the couple’s sex-life.


How can you write anything meaningful about a couple’s sex-life?

Some of you will wish you hadn’t asked, but whatever, read on.

Let’s all now prepare ourselves to be honest – I mean really honest.

If you are involved in a sexual relationship, is it all it could be?

Would you ever divulge your deepest fantasies to somebody else?

Would you consider spending a few days in a remote clinic, where you and your partner could indulge yourselves in activities that you have only ever dreamt about?

Are you even a little bit ‘curious’ in the sexual context?

If you are still reading, having hesitated just a few questions back – respect!


Give and Take is the story of a young couple who have different attitudes to the sexual side of their relationship, but although both are sexually curious, they have difficulty communicating their fantasies and desires.

They find themselves at breaking point, and in order to save all that is good about their partnership, one of them feels compelled to take decisive action. The story sees them go to a private clinic where fantasy can become reality if the desire is strong enough, and honesty pays dividends both psychologically and sexually.


I’ve had feedback from four of the writers who received my ‘rough’ fourth draft. Today, I decided to take a break from what I’m hoping is my penultimate editing session. I tend not to set up a bespoke Facebook page and play a social media fanfare with a new title, but I do like to give an introduction like this one.

In the last couple of days I’ve produced a cover which I’m content with, and for the next two weeks I will work to trim, polish, and tease the writing into shape.Give and Take - 12b - white author

My aim is to have Give and Take published by end August / early September 2015.

Who knows? If this one is moderately successful I’ll try writing another, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh?


In the next two weeks I may be happy with what I would call the finished product, but before I hit the publish button I would really appreciate final feedback.

No erotica experience necessary, although some sexual experience would be preferred. Only 18+ need apply.

Contact: – subject: Give and Take

If you would be interested in reading the manuscript with a view to giving feedback before I publish, please get in touch. Confidentiality is promised, because I know that not everybody likes to be publicly associated with such literature.


As always, thank you for reading … and now you can go back to your own fantasies …


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    1. Hi Patrick and thank you for the visit. Yes, it won’t be long before I find out if all the effort was worth it … and the work on the book too. 😀

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    1. Hello Sharon. Thank you for the visit, kind comments and suggestion. I’ve amended the author name. I might have liked what I had previously, but I’m not above being told I can improve something. 😀


    1. Hi Frank. Thank you for the visit and kind comment sir. I’ll get over your way on my imminent blog patrol. Many thanks in particular for the reblog – it is much appreciated. 🙂


  1. ramonawray

    Ah, I’m behind congratulating you on the release, it seems. I’m so sorry! And congratulations! ❤ I'll have to make time to read it now!

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    1. Don’t worry Ramona, it’s not released yet – it’s only in the final stages. I will of course be looking forward to your opinion when it does hit the world. Thank you for dropping by – and caring!. 😀


  2. Hi Tom. Lovely to meet you. And you write erotica. Wow! I enjoy reading some, but haven’t tried my hand at more than some hot scenes in my romance novel. Good wishes for your upcoming novel! Like the cover, but your name gets a bit lost.

    And I’m glad to see you joined up for the WEP challenge! Looking forward to what you post for us!

    Denise 🙂

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    1. Hi Denise and many thanks for the visit and comments. I’ve changed the author name colour through gold, red, orange/yellow, blue, black and white. I have a couple of weeks before I publish so the author name looks like it will remain a headache until then.
      I’ll be giving careful consideration to my multi-faceted entry to the WEP challenge in the next couple of days.


  3. Hello Yolanda – and I think we met during the A-Z Challenge 2014. Thank you for the visit, and you’ll see my comment about the WEP Challenge on my comment to Denise. I’ll aim to complete in the next couple of days.


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