May … I continue with projects


In the next few days I’ll be reading / reviewing which will take me to a new month.

May update - five

As this year got underway I made a list of ten targets, so I thought with one third of the year out of the way I’d revisit my list to check progress. As I hit 2016 the five titles above were at various stages of completion.

1. Publication of A Life of Choice: Part One – job done and, now has reviews.

2. Production of Codename: Koki by Malcolm (Mali) Beadle – a detailed critique / suggested edits which took a couple of weeks. Manuscript is now back with Mali being redrafted.

3. Revision of my present novels – Ten Days in Panama – job done and, now appearing on Amazon categorised under Romance.

4. Publication of A Time for Courage: and other military stories – job done.

5. Produce artwork to accompany Whisper Wood, my submission for the IASD Children’s anthology – job done.


What else is going on?

Since January, apart from my personal workload and, working on Mali’s book, for fellow authors I’ve beta read three short stories and, two novels.

A Life of Choice - Part TwoA Life of Choice: Part Two is in the final stages. I’ve heard from one beta reader and, in the next couple of days I’ll hear from the other, who is one of our IASD authors. I’ve printed the manuscript and, by the coming weekend I’ll be performing a red-pen edit, line by line.

  • No music and, no interruptions.
  • As usual it will be me, the manuscript, the red pen, my perpetual diary, character profiles, cast of characters, a plentiful supply of black coffee and, a notepad for worries, queries and, thoughts.


Did I mention I’ve set up two more pages on Facebook?

I set them up without any grandstanding to see if anybody would come across them and, I’m delighted to report I’ve got a couple of likes by IASD members and it’s much appreciated. I’d noticed several authors had set up pages for individual novels, but I decided to go with my writing categories. I now have:

Tom Benson – Writer

Tom Benson – Short Stories

Tom Benson – Poetry

Tom Benson – Erotica

I look at extra Facebook pages as a passive marketing tool. I may not produce many regular entries on them, but they’ll add to my online presence. I felt I needed to demonstrate diversity by not using a single page with disparate genre spread throughout. Temptation (2)

As ever, I’ve got projects listed in my Work in Progress section. Some of these ideas have been planned for a while, but now I’ve added a new and, for me, exciting project. If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to look for the clue.

One of my latest projects is Temptation: and other stories. It will be another collection of short stories, but with an open theme.


I’ve now decided the Beyond The Law series will end as a trilogy. The original idea was intended as a single story. I like to think of it as my signature style and, I don’t want the stories to become formulaic. The original tale is re-titled as Beyond The Law: Formation, the second is Beyond The Law: Retribution and, the final title will be Beyond The Law: Consequences. A lot of background material has been written and, the story will start taking shape in the summer.

Beyond The Law - pair


Following the successful conversion of Ten Days in Panama to the Romance genre, I am intending to perform a similar conversion with Amsterdam Calling. Once again, there will be little change to the storyline, but I know where it needs to be adjusted.


I’ve now made inroads into my two short stories for IASD anthologies. For the Indies for Charity anthology my story will be Taken for a Ride. My story for the Horror anthology will be Dark Places.


I’ve got a bit of reading, reviewing and, writing to do guys, so if you’ll excuse me … oh, and, thank you for dropping by. It is much appreciated.


11 thoughts on “May … I continue with projects

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you for dropping by. I don’t know if the extra pages will do any good, but as we know from our writing, one thing works and, another doesn’t.
      I’m pleased to see you’ve got good reviews on both sides of the pond. 🙂


    1. Hello Paul and, thank you for the kind words. Yes, I’ve been working hard on ‘Part Two’ recently. Mixing fact and fiction is a tricky business. I’m aiming for it to hit Amazon in the coming week. 🙂


  1. I just visited & liked all your new pages, Tom – well done! I see you’ve got no plans of slowing down, and I applaud you and all your achievements, present and future. Bravo!

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    1. Hello Ramona my friend. Thank you for the visit and, kind words. I’ve been concentrating on my next release recently so I’ve been trying to avoid getting caught up in social media – it steals time! 🙂


  2. Julia Lund

    You are unstoppable! What I admire about you is the way you are relentless in your determination and efforts. You are always looking for ways to improve, adapt and move your work forward. But you don’t just talk about it – you do it. Really well done, Tom.

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    1. Hello Julia and, sincere thanks to you for such kind comments. I’m sorry it’s taken a couple of days to respond, but I’ve been performing another red-pen edit on my latest manuscript. (A Life of Choice: Part Two)
      My two beta readers for this one reported in and, once I’d updated their issues I concentrated on a line by line read of the m/s in hard copy. Apart from the notes made on the pages I’ve given myself 17 items to double-check for accuracy and, consistency.
      The book will be a week later being published, but I’ll feel better about it. 🙂

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      1. Julia Lund

        Like you, I’d rather have things right than rushed and wrong. And as for responding, always in your own time suits me fine 😊 Good luck with it all.


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