A Life of Choice: Part Two – available


Signalman Rod Hogarth with B70 - circa 1973
Signalman Rod Hogarth with B70 – circa 1972

As the title suggests, this is the second episode of my coming-of-age story. My plan at the time of writing this post is to produce a series of five books, but this will depend on two factors.

1. How well the early books are received.

2. How any feedback affects the detail and content of the successive episodes.


In Part One, ‘Innocence and Inebriation’ Jim Faulkner left a humdrum existence, and as a reserved 17-year-old went out into the world in an unexpected move. He joined the British Army and found himself facing trials and tribulations he’d never before considered.


In Part Two, ‘Paths and Progression’ our young man has congratulated himself on completing basic training, adventure training, and radio training. He’s spent a few months in his first working unit in the UK, and he finds new discoveries and adventures following arrival of the entire unit in Germany.


For the benefit of anyone interested in such detail at this stage, the operator featured on the front cover of this volume is my good mate, and one-time fellow crew member Rod Hogarth. Here, Rod is depicted operating the obsolete B70 SHF radio set, and on this occasion it’s ground-based, mounted on a tripod.


The introductory book of the series was published on 6th January 2016, and has reviews.

Recruits outside a Sandhurst Block in Catterick
Recruits outside a Sandhurst Block in Catterick

The second book has been published a week later than scheduled. It is a larger book than the first, because it focuses on a longer time period

My aim is to produce the next episode in October 2016.


A Life of Choice: Part One

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A Life of Choice: Part Two

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4 thoughts on “A Life of Choice: Part Two – available

  1. Hi Paul, and thanks. It’s at least twice as long as the first, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I look forward to your findings. 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Tom. As always, your creative output is beyond words 🙂 Interesting idea for the cover, as well as fairly unique, I would say. Once again, well done indeed!

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    1. Hello and thank you Ramona. I’ve set up the background colours for all five volumes so I would have them set. They are the regimental colours of the Royal Signals. They signify communications over land, sea, and air. I measured the blocks to get them to the regulation 3/7, 1/7, 3/7 scale.
      I’m aiming to have an appropriate centre-piece graphic for each of the five parts. 🙂


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