Time after Time – part 2


What’s with the ‘part 2’ in the title?

My first blog regarding this topic and the idea was Time after Time on 7th December 2019. I thought it would keep everything neat and tidy if I used the same blog title with the addition of ‘part 2’. It doesn’t mean it’s the second book. It’s not rocket science, and if it was, the theme of the stories would be Sci-Fi … but I digress.

Mainly because I have faith in the standard of the authors there, I only promoted my blog post to the Indie Author Support and Discussion (IASD) group on Facebook.

Apart from one author and friend outside of the group I had the promise of stories from three people. As might be expected, the cusp of a new year is not a great time to capture anybody’s attention so after the minimal interest in December 2019 and January 2020 it was time to play my ace … post again in February.

Inside forty-eight hours I acquired a handful of original/unpublished stories from proposed guest authors and the promise of tales from others.

How do things now stand?

I’m pleased to report that I have completed my personal contribution (six original stories). I may add more if my imagination and time permits.

I have five original stories from guests.

My estimate at this time is that the anthology will contain at least fifteen stories of between 1,000-4,000 words. When published the eBook will be available for 99p/99c and it will also, of course, be available Free on Kindle Unlimited, as are all of my titles.

Now that I have a reasonable number of guest authors and stories, it’s just a matter of time ….

The proposed publication is July 2020, but if sufficient work is done on all of the stories (including my own), and they are ready earlier I’ll be happy to publish earlier.

I had intended to add ‘bonus’ stories of previously published work by the authors but I’ve dropped the idea to avoid upsetting those readers who don’t like finding stories they’ve found elsewhere.

I’m sure any reader or writer would agree it will be a bargain and a great collection.


6 thoughts on “Time after Time – part 2

  1. All sounds good but for one thing. Anthologies that contain stories I’ve read before drive me mad, not to Amazon to buy the book that originally contained them. That goes for yours, Tom, and anything any “guest” may have submitted. It promises to be a great platform for us all, so why not go the extra mile?

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    1. Oh, glory! CLARITY Sarah.
      Include ONLY previously unpublished stories.
      I don’t want a bonus when I buy a book. I like NEW. If you want to increase the value to the authors, including your good self, ask everyone to write a short piece about what inspired the idea for that particular story about time, only make sure you restrict the word count.

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  2. Okay, I’ll get onto that … and not because you said it, because it’s a good idea. Hahahahaha
    All I need to do now is amend my blog post. Sheeesh.

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  3. Tom, I hesitate to share this post to my website. I have followers who may think they’re authors, and we all know it’s a steep learning curve that most IASD members have successfully climbed.

    I have written short stories, but it isn’t my area of expertise, so I shall get mine proofread by she of the commas, and very likely be asked to read hers for errors other than commas!

    When you have finished mulling over my suggestion about adding what sparked each of our “takes” on time, either set a word count – short – or tell me to shut up about it. It’s a sneaky way of dividing the stories and lengthening the overall book without boring readers.


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