Beyond The Law – The Trilogy

The trilogy is completed with the publication of Beyond The Law: Consequences.

My character Phil McKenzie aka Hawk, was born in an experimental poem in July 2008. Due partly to the nature of the writer’s craft and to the evolution of a story it has taken until now to complete this trilogy of novels.

Novel - BTL - Formation - 220216The first book Beyond The Law: Formation (originally titled Beyond The Law), was intended as a standalone when published in 2013, but as I received feedback it was plain to see I should develop the idea and the characters.

In the second story, Beyond The Law: Retribution, in order to maintain balance and credibility I took the story beyond the streets of Glasgow, and introduced more characters on both sides of the fence which separates good from evil. I continued with the aspects of the original story which had appealed to many readers.BTL Retribution

It will come as no surprise, to bring a successful story to a close is a difficult decision, and no less difficult than how it should be done. I spent many hours considering how to further develop characters and what might become of them in a final story.

As an avid reader I am aware of the empathy felt for the heroes in a story, and in particular an ongoing story. Who should die? Who should live? How will the survivors if any move on?

Novel - BTL 3 ConsequencesUntil I read feedback on Beyond The Law: Consequences I will suffer a long wait.


Sincere thanks goes out to Anne Francis Scott and Sarah Stuart who performed the task of beta reader for me, and gave me plenty of useful, insightful feedback. Every point highlighted and each recommendation was appreciated. My intention was to accredit these two fine authors in the front pages, but as many writers will be aware, the ‘cross-contamination’ of author names in Amazon can be lethal to all concerned.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Aimee Coveney of AuthorDesignStudio who designed all three covers for this trilogy. In each case Aimee provided a variety of solutions based on my brief. We worked together as she took my initial vision to what have now become established and successful covers.

Aimee is now a member of the team at a new venture called Bookollective.


As always, I thank you for taking the time to read my post. Now, how far have you reached in the BTL story? If you do take the journey, please consider leaving a review.



Dangerous Liaisons by Sarah Stuart – a review

A dynasty of dreams and deception        Dangerous Liaisons

I expect a story to have well-rounded characters, good imagery, and a level of detail which conveys an air of authenticity. In a word, I want – entertainment.

The dialogue should reflect the period in which the story exists, and if there are any outside influences, then they must fit into the tale and be unnoticed, because they belong. For example: car models, locations, or journeys are things that I expect to sound matter-of-fact.

I believe Sarah Stuart has a fair grounding in more than one area covered in this story. It would otherwise be difficult to cover such diverse topics as 16th century royal lifestyles, present day highland country estate life, and modern showbiz; complete with the trimmings – both positive and negative.

There is a premise from the outset that there is a personal journal which has been handed down through the centuries to the females of the family lineage. Okay, that’s a nice touch, but to carry off such a conspicuous vein throughout an entire novel is risky. Sarah not only does it well, she tailors the language of the journal to sound appropriate for the period it was written. She also enables the modern characters to reflect on the similarities of then and now.

If you enjoy your story relationships with a good dose of love, loss, deceit, sexual tension, and even mildly erotic scenes – treat yourself and indulge in this book.

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