Selena – the first five chapters

As I’ve said before, Selena: Sea Nymph is my first foray into the paranormal and fantasy arena. I have intentionally avoided reading mermaid or similar stories because I’d prefer my creative notions are not influenced by other authors.

In a relatively short time, I’ve revised the original blurb and the introductory chapter. My Work in Progress for this tale now boasts the new blurb and the first five chapters. I have enabled ‘comments’ for the blurb and all of the chapters, a decision not made lightly.

If you’d like to read and comment it is not a prerequisite that you either read or write sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal. You can use the links from this post, or select chapters from the Work in Progress menu.

Why am I taking such a step so early with this story?

There are authors who are comfortable writing one genre, their work is well-received, and therefore this produces a win-win situation.

I thrive on pushing myself, stretching the boundaries of my creativity. On many occasions, for me, a single image will inspire a new short story or novel, and so it joins my shortlist.

I’m hoping that any responses to these early chapters are encouraging, but we shall see.


Chapter 1 – Realisation

Chapter 2 – Friendship or Alliance?

Chapter 3 – Negotiations

Chapter 4 – Friends or Foes?

Chapter 5 – Dangerous Assumptions

A New Beginning

As an author, there are two occasions when I feel particularly happy regarding my craft. The first, is a sense of personal achievement when reaching ‘The End’ with a novel. The second time, is a when I start to revise a new Work in Progress and find myself catapulted into creating the new story.

Two days ago, I completed Codename: Foxglove. Apart from working on various other projects it took me two years to produce what I believe is a satisfactory tale. It is now with four beta readers, and if all goes well, by mid-December will hit the virtual shelves as an eBook. Hopefully, by late December it will also be available as a paperback. This will see the end of the Beyond The Law series of stories.

For anyone interested, the first chapter is Giving Your Word.

A considerable weight had been lifted, so I revisited Selena: Sea Nymph, my first attempt at a modern paranormal fantasy. I read my first two chapters, made a few notes, and enjoyed a coffee before reading them again. From that point it took me a ‘working day’ to rehash what was previously written. The first chapter has seen a considerable reworking. Half of the original first chapter has been replaced, and the half I removed has become the new second chapter. Mysterious or what?

As this is a new venture for me with regard to genre, I’d appreciate any feedback. The refreshed blurb is available on the book’s page, and the first chapter, Realisation, is available for reading and comments.

I have no fixed target set for publication of Selena: Sea Nymph, but a rough estimate is Spring 2022. It will be interesting to see how closely matched my guess is with the reality.

In the meantime, as always, thank you for reading my blog and any comments or suggestions.