Codename: Nightshade – available


A standalone crime thriller produced as a result of the Beyond The Law trilogy.

Yes, we authors can write what we ‘know’, or what we enjoy but at the end of the process, the result must be entertaining. For some authors the task of producing a standalone crime thriller might not sound too daunting, after all, what do you need apart from time (two years in this case), imagination and research where required?

I reread the Beyond The Law trilogy from beginning to end in a week. Yes, I wrote the books, but I still made copious notes. The cast includes friends, allies, enemies and a handful of neutrals, but the body count is important—we can’t have dead people coming back if it isn’t that type of tale.


Dare I say, I enjoyed the trilogy and felt justified in the character I singled out for the spotlight.

Rachel Donoghue rapidly developed from being a vehicle thief to covert operative and had the desire to continue improving her skills. In Codename: Nightshade, Rachel proves that not only has she improved as an operative she has leadership skills to offer.

Of course, besides all of those things, she is first and foremost an effective vigilante.

There is no requirement to have read the Beyond The Law trilogy before reading the new story, but perhaps you will afterwards. The original trilogy is available as a box set, therefore saving you money, and allowing the download of three books in one.


Codename: Nightshade

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4 thoughts on “Codename: Nightshade – available

  1. Barbara Fagan Speake

    Just downloaded. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. I loved the BTL trilogy. Hope it’s a smash hit, Tom…

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    1. Thank you, Barbara. I thought I’d try a new idea and get the preparation done as usual, but only mention it on this blog. I haven’t added the title to my Amazon Author Page yet, and nor have I added the live links to my author website. 😀
      I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the story as much as you enjoyed the trilogy. 🙂


  2. Apols for not getting back to you prior to publication. Absolutely loved this one, the best yet in the BTL universe, even more so than the original trilogy. Was impressed too that at how well it reads as a ‘stand-alone’ work … am just having a skim through/reread of it on KU (at least you’ll get some page reads to that way lol), and will post my review tomorrow.

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    1. Hi Paul. Many thanks, and don’t worry about reporting back. I’m presently 75% through on my ‘Kindle’ proofread and found about six minor issues which I’ve dealt with so it will be ‘sorted’ by tomorrow. I was looking forward to your verdict, because, like Barbara, you’ve been with BTL since the outset. Looking forward to seeing reviews. 🙂


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