My Series’ are boxed off


How to attract more readers and give them a reward—that was my quest.

I have individual novels, a trilogy, and a five-part novel. My poetry titles come in the form of a bumper book of serial poetry, my five-part, multi-genre series and, of course, a collection of rhyming erotica.

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Erotica, not usually mentioned on this blog—apart from poetry I have several novels, two anthologies of short stories, and a series of novellas.

I was looking at an opportunity hidden in plain sight—box sets.

I could offer a series at a cut-price. Yes, it would mean I lose a small amount in royalties from the individual book sales, but providing entertainment to a greater readership is more important to me than the money—which of course would be the spin-off; I know. 😀

Four questions came to mind.

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How many people are keen to have a series available in one download?

How many people will take the opportunity of saving about 15-20% on the overall price?

How many of my series should I prepare as box sets?

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How hard would it be to create them, and how long would it take?


The good news is, the graphics in this post are not simply for show. The first part of the job is done—four box sets completed, although while working on the project it felt like forty. Amendments to front and back matter was tedious, but worthwhile.

In each case, there is at least a free book when comparing prices to individual purchases.

These box sets are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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I have no intention of going along the audio route so it will be interesting to see if this idea works.

Things got off to a good start with the erotica—a box set sold within three hours of publication.

I’ll write a post giving any useful information if the idea takes off, and in which area/genre.

A Life of Choice is available as five individual eBooks, a box set of five, and as a paperback trilogy.

If you’re new to my brand, all of my eBook titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

In my meantime, I’ll be happy to accept question, comments and suggestions.


5 thoughts on “My Series’ are boxed off

    1. Hi Patrick. You came to mind during the process. I was thinking that the titles involved don’t necessarily have to be a ‘series’. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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  1. I have added a copyright etc note under my main title, ditched the dedications, and reduced the TOC to the 4 – soon to be 5 – titles. Just a thought; it’s not a traditional boxed set, but I do intend to price it lower than buying 4 books separately. Like Patrick, I shall be watching with interest to see how it goes while I complete The Sunset Years,

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    1. Trying to avoid checking KDP will be hard so I’ll have to concentrate on one of my WIP. I will give an update when I see interest because if it works it’s an idea for others to try in any variation with their titles.:)

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  2. I had two ideas in mind when I decided to go for a boxed set, which is all I intended to do originally until I ran into problems with the cover. Giving away book one of a series always resulted in sales, but only a fraction compared to the downloads of the freebie. However, people do like bargains, so they might buy four books at a sensible price, or be tempted to my work by a countdown. Secondly, most series benefit from being read in the correct order, and if possible, consecutively, though surely only Lucinda would binge read!


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