Light to Dark – now available

Six years have passed

They’re at it again—those people inside the mountain. Not content with having survived the apocalypse and found an underground sanctuary, it’s a few years later, and now they want to go out exploring.


If you enjoyed Light at The End, the first instalment of the tale, I’m confident you’ll enjoy this.

What could possibly go wrong when they go outside the mountain to investigate what’s left?

I’ll leave it for you to find out.

As always, any reviews are much appreciated and help to guide my hand in the next venture.

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The final part is underway and my objective is, of course, to take the tale to a logical but fulfilling conclusion.

Unusually, I’ve already     written most of the final chapter, but for this tale, it was necessary to provide me with the inspiration to   complete the trilogy.




2 thoughts on “Light to Dark – now available

  1. Julia Lund

    Well done, Tom. You never cease to amaze me with the breadth of your creativity. Amazing.


    1. Thank you, Julia. I apologise for the tardiness of my response … I’ve had issues with every social platform I use over the past 24 hours. 🙂


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