A is for … Albatross


A is for Anteater, Aphid, and Albatross.

We’ll look at Albatross.

The albatross is one of the largest seabirds, and spends most of its life soaring and gliding many miles from land. Lifespan depending on sub-species can last 40 or 50 years.




Species: 21 species are on record, although many are endangered.

Size: Wandering Albatross can reach up to 1 metre in body length with a wingspan of 3.5 metres (10 feet).

Habitat: Sky and open ocean.

Location: Pacific Ocean, mainly found in the southern regions.

Diet: Crab, Fish, Krill, Squid

Predators: Humans, Tiger Shark – which lay in wait off the coast during the breeding season; at the time fledglings leave the nest.

Info / Strange Facts: The albatross is one of many seabirds which have the ability to drink saltwater. Some species can spend their first six or seven years in flight.


Ten Days Selling!

Pacific Ocean viewed from Panama's west coast
Pacific Ocean viewed from Panama’s west coast

Perhaps I shouldn’t book my place on a luxury cruise yet, or buy a little place in the Swiss Alps, but since publishing my novel ‘Ten Days’, just ten days ago, I’ve now recorded ten sales.  I even have a review from one happy customer – so how good is that!

My marketing campaign is presently based on electronic warfare – my e-book against all the others that are out there.  I’ve sent out sample invitations to all my email contacts (yes all three of them), and now once again I’ll give it a mention on my Facebook page to jog memories.  Perhaps you are one of the people who is on the fence.  Why not follow the link to check out a sample or check out the review.  It might sway you into buying.  ‘Ten Days’ the novel: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/257906

What else have I got in the pipeline?  Apart from my second novel, I’m well on the way to producing what will be the first of five volumes of poetry.  Each e-book will be made up of a different genre: Humour, Natural History, Love and Romance, Military and Series poetry.  The Series poetry will contain a variety of topics, with some as short as 4 poems, whilst others are in excess of 20.

In an effort to promote some interest my intention is to offer the first volume, ‘Humour’ as FREE.  If all goes according to plan it will be available for download by as early as next weekend.  I will of course give it a few mentions on Facebook, just in case anybody misses it here.

There will be a slight change with the books of poetry, in that I’m intending to deal with the front covers and titles myself.  Now that I’ve passed all this on, I’m sure it will be no surprise that I’ll have to go now … press releases to write.