No more sex for a while


For a few years, I’ve conducted mini-experiments, and ‘surveys’ if you like. Nothing extensive which would include other authors or their work, simply a record of how my output is doing. Among my tinkering, I’ve changed formatting, book covers, and tried genre to see if I was capable of writing whatever it might be.

I’ve had positive feedback on the latest poetry covers, and the erotica covers—in particular how I’ve sub-branded them in colour for an anthology, novella, or novel.

I started my creative writing with poetry, moved on to short stories, and then novels. Since mid-2014 I’ve dedicated some of my writing time to erotica. I got underway with a novel and a single collection of erotic short stories, so I never expected much success—the market is flooded with 25-page, and 40-page ‘books’. I’ve seen book ‘bundles’ which in their entirety amount to about 100 pages.

Why am I stressing the erotica output when I removed it from this blog over a year ago?

Using the six-month period from September 2018—February 2019, I started my latest check on how things are shaping up for my books. When I include KENP (the page reads recorded on Amazon), and the sales, I’ve found that the popularity of my genres in descending order is: 

Erotica, Military, Thriller, Romance, Short Story Anthologies, and finally Poetry Anthologies.

When I’ve dug a little deeper I’ve found that the KENP brings me in three times as much money as outright sales of any of my work. KENP related to my erotica titles brings in more than half of all the money I earn on Amazon.

This tells me that although erotica receives the fewest public reviews overall, it earns the most money, and it’s from people who don’t want to buy books—they want to borrow them. They don’t want anybody to know … so they borrow, read, and get rid.

Having said all of the above, my next erotica title is Woman to Woman, a prequel to Give & Take: A Tale of Erotica—my most popular book in the genre. When the next erotica title has been published, I’ll be giving the sex angle a rest and concentrating on my mainstream writing.

Why do I intend to stop erotica when I have successful titles?

I’m not in the writing game for the money—if I was, I’d set higher prices. 🙂

I do have another experiment underway but to get accurate results I’ll need another couple of months. I will report my findings later, whether good or bad.

And there you have it—if you are using Kindle Unlimited and enjoying my erotica (which like all of my books is on KU), you’re in good company.

Don’t be bashful … leave a review.

Until next time, thank you for dropping by.


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7 thoughts on “No more sex for a while

  1. aspirebookcovers

    People shouldn’t be shy in leaving a review. It’s a shame this happens with this genre. Glad to hear though KENP is good to you.

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    1. Hi Sharon. I’m happy with the feedback I’ve received, but it can only be embarrassment which prevents readers from reviewing. Another anomaly is that women are more likely to review erotica than men.
      I admit I don’t leave many reviews on the genre, but that’s not because I’m shy—I’ve found very few books which warrant more than two stars. I may not be a best-selling author in the field, but I know rubbish when I see it. 😀
      On the upside, I do get the occasional message via my ‘Contact’ page.

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    1. Hi Patrick. Yes, it looked a bit dubious to me when it was first introduced, but it works, and being a KU member for reading, I appreciate finding good books listed for borrowing instead of buying. There have been several titles I thought were overpriced, but got them through KU. 🙂

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    1. Hi Anne, and thank you for visiting. Yes, I worried for a while, but if nothing else, if you’re not writing to make a lot of money, it’s less stressful than ‘going wide’. If it wasn’t worthwhile, I wouldn’t have a separate account for the revenue from my writing. 🙂

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