Seeing the Light

Light at The End, as I’ve said before,  was an experiment. If it had been ridiculed by my beta readers I’d have shelved or abandoned writing a post-apocalyptic story. It’s also important to me that I enjoy telling the story because in my opinion, an author can generate   enthusiasm in the telling.

I wrote a post some time ago regarding my first attempt at a trilogy and I’ll quote a snippet:

‘Originality is relatively easy when an author is working on a single title. When the title/premise goes to a second, third or more, the idea must be examined closely to see how far it can be taken without repetition.

Certain sub-genres can run for several books and if the author is careful and inventive the fictional world will remain exciting to the reader. This must be paramount in the mindset of the creator of the work. Reader satisfaction is everything.’

Now, here I am on that same road once again. I am close to completion of Light to Dark which will be the sequel to Light at The End. A few days ago while out walking in local woodland I was struck by inspiration, and no, it didn’t hurt. When I got home I made notes for the final chapter if the story were a trilogy.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. I was thinking about how to end Book 2 and I imagined how things could go after that point … and so was born the early ideas for Dark to Light … Book 3 in the Light at The End trilogy.

I aim to have Book 2 ready for beta readers in August.

For me, from the outset, the tale has been a departure from most other stories I’ve written but the genre offers so many possibilities. I’ve been finding that however things might be going for the characters there must be a sense of hope … that things can’t just end because of the ill-considered actions of a few.

After all, don’t we all need to believe that there is to be a tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Seeing the Light

  1. It’s funny how one leads to the next… Darkly Wood was never meant to have a second let alone a third instalment. As always I’m sure whatever you produce will be to your same high standard and will definitely be an entertaining read ☘️🎈

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    1. Hello, Patrick, thank you, and I apologise for the delay in responding. The good news is that the second book is now completed and another edit in a week or two will see it ready for beta readers. The better news is that I’ve got the first chapter, final chapter and notes written for the final book in the trilogy. I’m not rushing it but it’s good to have ideas out of my head and in a file as they come.:) Thanks again for your support.

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