I loved the Sixties …

Of course, the twenties were incredible, the thirties and forties were fantastic, and the fifties were pretty good.

With effect from 7th November, I’ll embrace the Seventies.

It was 53 years ago that I joined the British Army, leaving home, and Scotland for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history.

I may have tackled my literary ambitions later in life than some authors, but I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved thus far. 

I first tried my hand at creative writing in 1996, a few years after completing my military service in 1992. I wanted to record as much information as possible about my career, transcribing from notebooks, diaries, and official documents. I refreshed myself on how to touch-type, a skill I learned in the military. I produced countless pages of information, and tried over a short period to make it an autobiography, but the writing was awful for so many reasons.

As my next career (Retail Management) was taking off, I got back into reading, and some years later, in 2007, I bought books and magazines to study writing. I also joined websites that facilitated posting poetry, short stories, reading, and reviewing by all members. I next got underway with letters to magazines, and entering short story competitions. Success, apart from publication, included cash, book prizes, and inclusion in anthologies.

Since 2012, I’ve published novels, novellas, anthologies of short stories, and poetry collections. Between 2018, and the present day, with the exception of erotica, I’ve converted all of my work into paperback. My output was increased when my retail career ended after 25 years. I had reached official retirement age (65) in 2017.

As seen in the graphic above, I eventually completed what had started out as an autobiography. I amended the story to be fact-based-fiction, changing names and so on, which removes any worry of legal action. Instead of cutting out large segments of the story, I concentrated on making it an easy-to-follow, cohesive read by creating five logical phases to cover the time period. I then spent a year fine-tuning the end product one part at a time. The eBooks were published over 2016 and 2017. I returned to the manuscript, and, once again using logical phases, produced a paperback trilogy so that in either option, the story is the same, word-for-word. I’m delighted to report that they are among my top-selling titles.

What are my intention for the future?

My Work in Progress consists of four more crime thrillers, a sci-fi fantasy, and another anthology of short stories. When all of those have been published I may cease to produce new work.

I’m a firm believer that as authors, even after that final edit, and a book has been on sale for a while, we know there will be an urge to return to it. I’ve learned so much as time has passed, and my writing and style have improved. I’ve already revised most of my titles, but when the final one is published, I intend to reread each of my books, and improve them wherever possible.

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There are so many things said about age, like it being, ‘but a number’, ‘sixty is the new forty’, and so forth, but for me as an author, each year creates another level of life experience, appreciation of all things, and a deep desire to improve, and entertain with my writing.

Updates here will keep readers in the loop regarding my progress. At some point while reading my catalogue, I may dream up another literary offering, but we’ll see.

Once again, I thank all of you who have helped make my lifelong writing dream a success.


9 thoughts on “I loved the Sixties …

  1. I love this, Tom. You’re living proof that age really is just a number. And I don’t believe you will lay down your quill as long as you have something to share with the world. 🙏

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    1. Thank you, Lesley, and you’re right, of course, that with every urge to stop, there is a stronger desire to continue. As well, you know from personal experience. 🙂


  2. Barbara Fagan Speake

    Hi Tom, As you know I’m a big fan of the Life of Choice series and all the crime thrillers and short stories. It has been a privilege to be one of your beta readers too. Like you, I, too, have the urge to go back over my Annie series but that will have to wait until her new story is told. As authors, I agree, we are learning all the time and we learn from each other. Your advice on books of mine has been invaluable. Keep up the good work and happy birthday for tomorrow.

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    1. Hello, and thank you on all counts mentioned above, Barbara. 🙂 I am fortunate because my only interaction is with veterans, authors, readers, and a handful of relatives. In all walks of life, we learn as each year passes, but few can harvest their experiences and use them in the way that writers do. I’m looking forward to Annie’s next escapades, and I’ll be on standby for beta duty, of course. 🙂


  3. Patrick Power

    Well you don’t look a day over 69 Tom.. honestly.. can’t believe you’re 70.. keeping fit no doubt helps.. I’ll continue to be a fan as long as you keep the stories coming.. I suspect they will 😜 An early happy birthday to you and until tomorrow- enjoy your 60’s☘️🎈

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    1. Ha, ha, ha, thank you, Patrick … I think. 😀 I believe that mental and physical well-being play off each other. A few months ago, I changed my regime from early morning cycle rides to alternate with early morning weights. When combined with an aversion to stress, it all helps. I only use a mirror when I’m shaving or when I need to give myself a good talking-to…. 🙂 BTW, I think my next one, Crusader, will appeal to you.


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