A Life of Choice—Reborn

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I can say with confidence that I will never apply as much effort to any other writing task as I have to ‘A Life of Choice’.

It was 49 years ago this week when I left home to start basic training with the British Army. My military career ended in 1992, after 23 years, and it was a couple of years later when I gathered information towards writing about that career as military memoirs. It would take many years before I’d gained sufficient writing knowledge and skill to produce an entertaining tale.

I tried the fact-based route first, both in the first-person point of view and in third-person. The end product was massive and carried far too much detail—it went into ‘storage’.

When I’d successfully written and published thrillers, romance, short stories and poetry, I turned once again to my magnum opus. I toyed with fact or fiction, and viewpoint. My choice was fact-based fiction, written in the first-person point of view.

By 2016 the first of five parts was published and was well-received. As each part went out, the reviews continued to be positive, so I sidelined my other writing projects. I still tried to read, review and help my peers with their projects. Apart from public reviews on my new series, I started receiving private messages via my author website—mainly from ex-soldiers (male and female), who wanted to pass on their gratitude for the accuracy and humour. Most of these guys were not comfortable writing public reviews.

My only concern was that many serving and ex-service personnel were not e-reader users and I have regularly received requests for a paperback version.

Five paperbacks would have been easy to produce, and would also be simple to ‘match’ on websites or outlets. Marketed as five paperbacks, the series would have been expensive to buy, so I set myself a series of tasks.

1. Perform a complete rewrite to tighten dialogue and deal with minor amendments.

2. Break the story to balance the chapters and create a consistent ‘volume’ for each of the five parts.

3. Select the appropriate places to break the story to make a paperback version as a trilogy edition.

4. Rewrite all blurbs for the five eBooks, and three fresh blurbs for the paperback trilogy.

5. Compose a disclaimer which could be used with internet marketing blurbs and within the books regarding the different editions having the same content overall.

6. Select excerpts from reviews to use on the back covers of the trilogy.

7. Build a catalogue of information to educate my book cover designer regarding the ideal graphics solutions. This was difficult because anything available now in photographic evidence is very different to the equipment I would have known in the ’70’s, ’80’s, and early ’90’s. We persevered, and the trilogy covers feature equipments which were landmarks in my story.

As I’ve done for my novels, I hired the talents of Aimee Coveney of AuthorDesignStudio–a designer who works tirelessly until the solution meets customer satisfaction.

 8. Organise the sequence of publishing—all five amended eBooks and the trilogy, only when I had the bespoke covers for the trilogy.

9. Create graphics to market the two editions separately and together.

10. Prepare my author website and this blog for when the new trilogy went public.


I commenced this renewed labour of love in June 2018. Once again, apart from helping other writers on individual projects, and managing a major task for the Indie Author Support and Discussion group—most of my efforts went on the conversion process.

How did I relax when it was getting intense?

Several times I pulled out one of my erotica projects—as difficult to write as any other genre, but light relief in terms of content. Occasionally I’d draw, paint, or read, but not as often as I wanted because I felt a sense of guilt for not ‘working’.

In mid-October, I completed the conversion of five eBooks into three paperbacks. It was around 7th November, when I completed the final formatting sequence for the revised eBook versions … and then I had another coffee.

The pricing of the paperback trilogy is more than I’d have wanted, but I reconcile my concerns knowing that each book is around 570 pages. It was vitally important that nothing was removed from the story. 

Useful Links:

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A Life of Choice: Part One – The Trilogy Edition

A Life of Choice: Part Two – The Trilogy Edition

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Who might find an excerpt from their reviews on the back cover of my paperback trilogy?

Apart from review excerpts by a selection of ex-Royal Signals personnel, and an ex-Army wife, I opted for snippets from fellow authors, namely: Frank Parker, Barbara Fagan Speake, Paul A Ruddock, John MW Smith, and Paul Rees—notably, all fellow members of the IASD.

Thank you for taking an interest, and passing a few minutes with me.


11 thoughts on “A Life of Choice—Reborn

    1. Thank you, Robert. My first copies are on the way to me. They’ll be signed and sent off as a prize in a veteran’s group, in aid of injured ex-service personnel. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your support, Paul, and you’ll be pleased to know that an excerpt from one of your reviews is featured on the back of one of them. 🙂

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  1. Julia Lund

    Such an achievement, both the endeavour and commitment it’s taken to get your project to this point, and the life lived to give you so much to write about. Really well done.

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    1. Hello, and thank you, Julia. There were times I wondered I’d ever stop rewriting and editing, but holding the books and seeing the job through will give me the drive to go on with my next projects. Reliving the story was a joy for me—most of the time. 🙂

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  2. Barbara Fagan Speake

    Many congratulations, Tom. What an endeavour! I am sure all the effort will be worthwhile. You know I’m a big fan of the series. I hope the trilogy flies off the shelf. Well done. Love the new covers…

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    1. Hi, Barbara. Thank you for your support throughout and the great reviews, which have been duly rewarded by having an excerpt used. The covers held me back for about three weeks in the grand scheme of things. Aimeee worked hard with the criteria I set for her, and we made a lot of adjustments along the way. I’m delighted with the three landmark symbols from the story. 🙂


    1. Hello Princess, and it’s great to see you visit. Thank you for the visit and the kind words. Yes, the story took a long time to create from memories and notes, but it has taken a lot of work to make it into physical books. It’s good to finally have them in my possession–job done. 🙂
      You’ll no doubt see why I’m no longer a regular blogger–I spend most of my waking hours writing. Given that I retired last year, I haven’t let up–I write more!
      I hope all is going well in your special world(s). I really must get over there in between projects.
      Take care. x


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