It would be wrong not to make mention of a friend from ‘across the pond’.  Until a couple of weeks ago I would never have considered writing anything in association with someone else. 

Amber, (pen-name Velvet Mist) suggested we try a collaboration in poetry.  We decided on a theme then wrote three stanzas apiece.  I sent my efforts to Amber so that she could merge the two sets of writing, add background, graphics and music before our piece was posted on site.  We were both satisfied with the finished product and it received positive comments from our peers. 

A few days ago we put another poem together, then following a few deft touches by my accomplice it was posted on the Starlite cafe site.  Once again the writing was adorned with suitable background and the whole presentation was improved accordingly.  Thank you Amber.

Our efforts are listed with active links in my Poetry page under Collaborations.

More or Less…

My competition entry targeted for the ‘surreal’ genre must be posted by the end of the month.  Surreal is an area that I’m not totally comfortable with, because although I like to think I’ve got a vivid imagination I find it difficult to totally lose track of reality. 

Strangely, at one stage I found myself for once with a complete short story in less than 1500 words.  The competition word allowance is 2000.  I’ve been working on my entry for weeks now so I toyed with the idea of leaving it alone.  After a coffee and some consideration it sounded like the soft option. 

After serious editing I left my story alone for four days, finally believing I had the task done.  I went back to it yesterday morning and introduced a slightly different ending.  The story blossomed into 2000 words.  Today I’ll edit severely again then leave it until tomorrow. 

Tomorrow it gets posted as an entry.  I have to move on.  It’s exciting to send in something that’s taken a lot of work but for some reason it’s even more exciting when you’re not totally sure of your direction.  I’ve managed to avoid reading any other work in the surreal genre.  I don’t want to lose the little confidence I’ve gained and I want to avoid outside influence.

Whatever happens I’ll be honest enough to come back and report here.  I will say now that if I don’t get anywhere with this one I will be trying again.

It’s a mystery to me…

When I commence a story I can write happily for a while without any literary references or quick checks with Wikipedia.  In my latest competition entry I am not afforded the luxury of either of these things.  The Global Writers competition for December is themed on ‘surreal’ so my tale so far is fantasy/science fiction/adventure with some dialogue thrown in for good measure. 

Word count will be a secondary consideration for me on this one because my concentration at the moment is satisfactory telling of the story.  I’m not a big fan of fantasy or science fiction when it comes to reading and I don’t want to know what other entries are about because I want to attempt this without outside influence.  We’ll see how it goes soon enough because I only have so many more days to edit before I end up with the final draft. 

Merry Christmas to anyone who happens by.

On Top Of The World

Getting my blog underway was challenging.  Improving it inside a couple of days and concentrating on the theme of writing gave a feeling of achievement. One of the three short stories I wanted to feature had already won a competition.  In October 2010, ‘DECISION AT THE ABBEY’ won a place in the English Heritage anthology, ‘WHITBY ABBEY: PURE INSPIRATION’ which was amazing. 

I checked my emails this morning to find that I have a fellow blogger subscribing to my site, thank you Cloe!  You’ll find I’m already signed up to yours.  I wanted to know you before you became famous. 

I read my second email to find that my short story, ‘DUTY BOUND’ is the joint winner of the monthly Global Short Story Competition for November.  I joined the site in September this year so winning the monthly competition is an ambition fulfilled. 

Check out Global Writers on my links… you might just like it.

I Did it My Way

It was with pen, pad and a totally open mind that I sat at my desk this morning.  I promised myself I would allow all of today to concentrate on learning more about blogging.  I would like viewers to enjoy my entries and attachments so I set about reading a lot of others to get the feel of the blog author. 

                I was to find out rather quickly that my days of note-taking were not over.  Memorising a sequence of actions was never going to work, but the day was saved by the use of an ancient skill.  I formed lists of instructions using the written word… yes, I did it my way.  I concluded my day of study with a feeling of accomplishment.  This was thanks in no small part to WordPress and the support available. 

                As a writer I understand the need for useful sites and it occurred to me that providing a handful of choice links would be beneficial to any viewers to my blog.  The site links I’ve listed do improve my blog’s appearance, but they were chosen because I use all of them and therefore would recommend them. 

                I can sense fingers twitching over mouse buttons out there.  Don’t just leave, check out a link you don’t recognise.  Before you go, please remember to leave me a comment and contact so I can get back to you and your site. 


Hello and welcome!

I am presently convalescing and therefore have the opportunity of a few days to kick-start my blog.  Three days ago I had my gallbladder removed so I’m not moving around too quickly.  The holes made during the operation may have been small but it feels as if the offending organ put up a fight against it’s eviction. 

So that it doesn’t come across as just another gush of personal blurb I’ve decided to share some of my efforts.  I would appreciate any and all comments on my writing.  As a novice at this particular idea (the blog), I’ve set it up with a link to my poetry, included some short stories and introduced my autobiography with the first chapter in it’s entirety. 

As things stand I want to embrace the blog as a means of self-expression, a marketing tool and a social link.  If you’re a writer and you happen by, please leave me your thoughts on what you find here and a link to your own work. 

Please take a look around, enjoy and comment.     Tom